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UPDATE 22 September 2020

Dear colleagues,

the publication of the register is being delayed. Hypothesis wants to introduce a plugin at the beginning of 2021, which would considerably improve the usability, so we are waiting for that.

In the meantime, please keep sending entries!



The editors of this blog are currently in the process of creating an international register, which should make it easier for researchers and interested parties from all over the world to find contacts and offices active in provenance research. We often receive enquiries about possible contact persons in specific locations or on specific topics, and we believe that such a register will make a positive contribution to the international networking of provenance researchers. The directory will be available in German and English. In order to ensure that the directory reflects the self-conception of the researchers or research institutions, we kindly ask for your help by sending us short texts, relevant web links and contact details.

Please submit contributions to by 1 July 2020:

– the name of the researching institution

– a short text (max. 50 words), which summarizes your work roughly and in a way that can be understood by everyone

– relevant web links (e.g. project websites)

– if available: general contact information (e.g. a general e-mail address)

Many thanks for your help!

the editorial team

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